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About QuasarEnviro

QuasaR Enviro is a dynamic new company with a sharp focus on using technology for customised, practical solutions with low investments for higher returns. We are an organisation with a purpose. Carbon footprint reduction. Energy conservation and Cost reduction. People wellness. Safety against fire. QuasaR Enviro offers solutions in each. We are backed by international expertise and finest patented technology in each segment, with each product carrying a CE, UL or ULC approval. QuasaR Enviro ensures that the most innovative technology solutions that impact our clients wellness quotient, significantly reduce energy costs and create safe zones with our new generation fire suppression system, are all within easy reach.

Cost saving through energy conservation is possible through technology solutions for air conditioners, fuel saving for all Diesel and Heavy fuel oil generators and energy management systems for large chilling plants. We address energy conservation in homes, in hospitals, in hotels, in large industrial and manufacturing units as well as large office complexes. We offer cost saving and conservation solutions for roofs, the technology for which is an offshoot of the NASA Space Programme. Our savings performance, across sectors, is up to forty percent of total energy costs. Our solutions address our clients needs for savings, for energy conservation and reducing the carbon footprint.   

Myhealthrecords is the complete solution for storing, managing, accessing and therefore, sharing health information that is online. It allows for access any place at any time. Electronic Medical Records, globally, are changing the face of traditional diagnoses and impacting the way the world seeks 2nd and even 3rd medical opinions.   Medical insurance companies are seeking to partner with us for complete management of health records of their clients. For individuals, Myhealthrecords provides wellness and health management that is proactive, preventive and palliative. And extends into easier insurance and medi-claim management at the right time.

QuasaR Enviro’s clients rely on us to help save lives and to protect equipment and property from dangerous fires with a broad range of aerosol based fire suppression solutions. Typical applications of these US EPA approved fire suppression systems provide a protection range for locomotives, storage vaults, high value mobile equipment, server rooms, power plants storage and many others. Our solutions are tested and listed to UL standards for inert gas clean agent extinguishing system units, and provide a fast response, low fire extinguishing concentration and environmental safety.  Aerosol based fire suppression systems find a use in critical applications across a wide range of industries. These Aerosol generators have a Zero Ozone depletion Potential and a Zero Global warming potential making them the most environment friendly products in the segment.

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