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Energy Saving Solutions, Services and Devices

Your Energy Strategy

Customised energy-saving solutions for your business

We understand this complex landscape, which is why we’ve simplified the process. We’ve researched the market and identified the most cutting-edge local and international energy-saving technologies for you.

By auditing your business we can assess your energy usage; determine your business constraints (ROI, budgets, timeframes etc.); and tailor-make an energy-saving solution for you within your business’s unique requirements, by utilising your limited resources more economically.

Quasar Enviro Solutions is your long-term energy efficiency partner. We will help you understand the market and your options in order to make an informed decision. And help you solve your energy challenges in the most cost-effective way. Just ask our existing clients – we’re already helping some of India’s leading companies save energy, save money and reduce their Carbon Foot Print.

So welcome to Quasar Enviro Solutions, the Next Gen Energy Saving Company – the future of Energy management in India.


  1. Auditing Services
  2. Energy Saving Implementation Strategies
  3. Demand Side Management and Analytics
  4. Recommending and implementation of Energy Solutions

(Across all segments of Industry)

Quasar Enviro Solutions is a complete end to end solution provider.

We are just a Phone call away or just drop in an email and our consultants shall contact you at the earliest


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