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What kind of information can I store online in myhealthrecords.in?

Every myhealthrecords.in account, is centered around the Subscriber Personal Medical Profile. It contains information about medical conditions, medications, allergies, medical and family history, vaccination record, physician information, and emergency contacts. It also stores and digitally archives for life original copies of medical documents like doctors' advice, ECGs, X-rays & MRIs, lab reports, medical bills and hospital records etc.

How do my medical and health records get into my myhealthrecords.in account?
  After you become a member of myhealthrecords.in we recommend you find & collate and send us all the records (Digital or Analogue) that need to be digitized and uploaded i.e. X-rays, MRIs etc. Once your records are received, we will do the rest for you (DIGITALLY ARCHIVE). Thereafter your myhealthrecords.in is ready for your review and emergency access anytime, anywhere. You then continue to update your health records
How do I update my myhealthrecords.in account after I visit my doctor?
  Updating records into your myhealthrecords.in account is easy. Simply log on to the myhealthrecords.in site enter your ID and password code and upload your medical records. This way, you'll have an up-to-date record of your most current health condition. Remember, you can update your online medical profile information such as medications, current medical conditions, and allergies anytime. If you require scanning and digitizing your records please call our helpline. We will collect them and You can collect them back after 72 hours.
Do emergency personnel have to subscribe to myhealthrecords.in service to access my personal health record?
  No. Only you need to subscribe to the myhealthrecords.in service. In an emergency situation any medical providers with access to the Internet can login to your account using your password Code.
How does myhealthrecords.in function?
  Upon your subscribing to the facilities of myhealthrecords.in. you would send us all your medical records (digital/Analogue). We shall then process them which means they will be converted, cleaned, compressed, collated, Important information notes shall be captured and finally digitally archived and uploaded on you personal health website/account. Thereafter you can manage and update your account through a given password. You could share your personal health information with your physician, or any other authorised person in case of an emergency or even simple review. Once your medical records have been uploaded/updated the originals would be sent back to you. Quarterly online reminders would be sent to keep your myhealthrecords.in updated You will have the ability to access the myhealthrecords.in in an emergency You will have the ability to share your health record with family members and loved ones All of your medical information stored in one place and accessible from anywhere and at any time.
Who controls the myhealthrecords.in and who is protecting the privacy of my personal health data?
  Your health information is securely stored on our servers and the backup is maintained at three different places across the world. It cannot be sold or provided to any third parties without your permission. Although your medical information is available to you via the Internet, it is also secure; just as online banking and online stock accounts are available via the Internet. It is only accessible to you through your user ID and password.
Who can view myhealthrecords.in and how do I know who has seen it?
  You control access to your myhealthrecords.in and you provide access to any person authorized by you
Can my other family members get a myhealthrecords.in account?
  Yes. Your spouse, relatives, children or other family members can enjoy the benefits of having an myhealthrecords.in account. It only takes a few minutes to enroll and receive the security and comfort of knowing that their medical information is available anytime, anywhere!
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