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How it works

Health Tracker WorkingQuasaR Enviro provides for and manages the entire process of collection, digitization and upload of all your health related information.   These can be Prescriptions, Scans of all types including X Rays, Test Reports and previous medical history including vaccination records and so on.

QuasaR Enviro is the fastest growing Electronic Health Record (EHR) service in India. Founded in 2007, we're rapidly expanding and adding new members. Over 2,000 doctors and health professionals in 28 states and 7 union territories, refer us to their patients. Our EHR service is user-friendly with state-of-the-art features inbuilt for the users. As a mission-critical service, My Health Records is developed with highest levels of security and performance. My Health Records is a web based healthcare cloud accessible anywhere with internet access. No need to worry about installing software, managing updates and maintaining hardware. Every second more users and health professionals are joining My Health Records and allied services.

This information is then stored and can be viewed by you and any medical service provider that you desire anywhere in the world.  

We provide three plans for you to choose from and each plan has a menu of features to meet your needs.
Subsequent prescriptions and tests, etc can be mailed to us directly from the concerned lab or hospital or doctor and we can upload and update your records almost instantly. 

If these are available in a hard copy format or these are film based scans (X Rays, ultra sound, etc) then the process for collection and upload will be the same as followed when enrolling.   We also have a special concierge service, where we collect your medical records from your doorstep, digitize and upload them, and return your records, at your doorstep.

Use this confidential Health Record Management System to encapsulate a comprehensive detail of your past and present health conditions and even your family's medical history.

Health Tracker

The security and safety of your medical information is complete and fool proof. We use state-of-the-art 128-bit encryption technology that is being used by India's most prestigious banking and financial institutions. To ensure complete disaster recovery, all medical records are kept securely on multiple servers, in three different locations across three continents.

We are continuously upgrading our technology and will be introducing 256-bit encryption technology to further improve security - all this, to make sure that your critical health information is viewed and accessed only  for the exclusive use of your wellbeing.
Access your details anyplace, anytime.

For further queries visit: www.myhealthrecords.in
Or call us at our National Helpline Numbers - 011-4101-4488 or 0-9958-987-987



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