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Fridge Saver- The Concept?

Quasar Enviro presents FRIDGE SAVER, which has been conceptualized and designed specifically to reduce energy consumption in big refrigeration units. This is an Energy Saving device for Commercial Refrigeration units. Read More…

Quasar’s Fridge Saver addresses the below mentioned outcomes of heavy refrigeration costs:

  • Commercial refrigerators waste 15-30% of their energy and run 50% or more cycles than necessary trying to keep food temperature constant
  • The Thermostat of refrigeration unit measures air temperature – not food temperature
  • The Cooling cycles are reduced – saving energy, enhances compressor’s life, reducing emissions and ensuring better food safety.

Adding to the advantage of maintaining food quality, Fridge Saver also adds up to your social contribution to tap the ever increasing Carbon Footprint Reduction Targets.



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